The female erection, a mystery that is hardly talked about

Whenever we talk about an erection, the penis automatically comes to mind. They are two terms so related that it is like saying “churros” and not thinking about chocolate.

And it is that, for penetration to occur , the erection is essential, which is why it is such a standardized connection of terms. But what if I tell you that we also have that?

Although the genitalia couldn’t seem more different, they share the tissue that makes up the penis and the clitoris.

Something that the sexologist Melanie Quintana Molero explains : «the clitoris is the reproduction of the penis. When we develop in the maternal womb, it forms outside or inside. Composed of the same spongy tissue , when the blood vessels fill with blood, the clitoris increases in size due to arousal, which is key when it comes to feeling pleasure. It may interest you to read: ‘Clitorectomies’, the ‘devil’s mark’… From when the clitoris was the enemy
In our case, this growth is somewhat more discreet, since it happens internally.

The female erection, a mystery that is hardly talked aboutBut it can be seen in the glans area of ​​the clitoris, which not only increases in size – it can gain up to 2 cm – but also ‘rises’. The corpora cavernosa and vestibular bulbs , which are the internal branches of the pleasure organ that surround the vagina, also fill with blood. This causes, on the one hand, the size of the outer labia to appear larger (and harder to the touch) but also to increase the sensation of pleasure, since they oppress the vagina due to their larger size.

Another curiosity about clitoral erections is that, like those of the penis, they can be nocturnal and occur while we sleep, since blood flow increases in the REM phase of sleep. Therefore, it is common for us to have a clitoral erection in the morning, which, at the same time, is the perfect moment to start the day by activating it, either alone or accompanied .

Once relaxed, it returns to its normal size -both the part that is visible and the part that is not-, since, as the sexologist recalls, in case of arousal not only some parts increase, but “the entire clitoris swells.

You have to take 8M to bed to have a more feminist sexuality

A few hours ago, a girl sent me a message on Instagram asking me what to do after her partner reached orgasm. How could they continue if he didn’t have an erection. If that was all.

I saw clearly that the sexual education that we so badly need must be feminist . Because only from that equality of positions do we put our pleasure at the same level as theirs (even for ourselves).

loveIt is the …

Kinky lesbian fun

Net findAuthor: LATO 2004Bff friend Megan and her older sister Joann walked up the driveway to a large detached villa. Her older sister took care of her younger, somewhat naïve sister after the unexpected death of her parents. In this villa lived a young, elegant widow who had placed an advertisement in the local newspaper. In it she offered a young, well-groomed woman a job and a very cheap house to live in. In response to this enticing ad, Megan signed up for an appointment.

When the door opened, Megan saw a beautiful, elegant lady in her early thirties. She wore an expensive jacket dress, the skirt was skin-tight and modeled the bulging, round thighs. The white blouse was opulently filled, the breasts, which were clearly visible, had an exciting, almost obscene shape, like ripe pears hanging juicy. Megan looked at this bust size with irritation when the woman smiled at her. Blushing and embarrassed, she looked at her sister.

The woman led the two sisters into a magnificent hall, shook their hands and introduced herself: “I’m Mona Grant!” “Megan and Joann Maltiers!” Megan replied shyly. “Would you like to work for me and live in my pretty garden cottage? I’ve been living alone in the big villa since my husband died about ten years ago. I need a… well, shall we say, a companion…” “If the apartment suits me, I’m willing to work for you, madam.

How high should the wages be?” Megan replied politely. Mrs. Grant rejoiced and tossed her dark hair back from her beautiful face. Then she named a sum that made Megan gasp. She led the two young women to the pretty little garden shed and showed them the apartment. “Really, I think this is a wonderful apartment,” said the young woman to her sister after the lady of the house had shown them all the rooms. Megan, the prospective companion and tenant, had just turned twenty.

“I don’t mind that it’s behind her big house. But I have the view of the garden and we won’t be in each other’s way. Joann, please tell the lady that I will take the pretty garden shed. I’ve always dreamed of living in a romantic corner. ‘ With more than normal interest, Mona surveyed the expansive curves of the enthusiastic-looking young woman. Her voluptuous forms were also not to be overlooked, because on this hot summer day she was wearing only tight-fitting shorts and a thin white blouse.

Mona had no interest in men at all, her deceased husband had never been able to satisfy her sexually, so she had been a committed lesbian for almost 10 years. She was thirty-one years old, having just recently lost her last lover to a man, and has been looking …

I tried selling my panties online to pay my rent

Everyone knows: we’re in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis. Apparently a pandemic, an older generation obsessed with owning all the goods, and more catastrophic crises are not great for the economy.

We’ve heard this constantly over the past year: The cost of living is rising while wages are stagnant. The news feeds our anxiety: Fuel is more expensive. Food is more expensive. The rent is more expensive.

Hell, we know!

For the past six months to a year – after paying my rent and bills, buying my food (honestly, at this point I wish I didn’t have to eat to survive) – I don’t have much left in my account other than some change for a drink with which to cry my pity and a dodgy party to make me forget everything.

So I started thinking: How can I make more money? Or more specifically, how to make more money without leaving my room, talking or physically interacting with people (years of working in horeca made small talk with people enemy number one) or adding dozens more extra hours to my 38 hour work week.

The first thing that crossed my mind was to sell my underwear online. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

In the end I took the step because of a TikTok . In fact, some viral videos on TikTok made by this guy named Pilipili, who has made a habit of interviewing beautiful girls and asking them how much money they have in their account.

It always goes something like this:

“How much money do you have in your account?”

“Three hundred thousand dollars.”

“Three hundred thousand dollars?! How come you have so much money?”

“Selling Sofia Gray my knickers.”

Being impulsive and (slightly) stupid, I didn’t realize it was most likely a hidden ad for Sofia Gray – “the #1 global marketplace to buy and sell used panties”. I should have read the comments: “This is obviously an ad.” I didn’t research at all how hard it would be or what I would have to do. I signed up for $40 (for three months) in five minutes.


At this point I started doing a little research, starting with the most logical place: Google. “How to Sell Panties Online”.

The first thing I found was that my dreams of making three hundred thousand dollars had little chance of coming true. Most first-time sellers were making maybe two hundred dollars a month (if they even made those) and it would have been a slow start. In fact, sellers who already had a loyal and avid following on sites like OnlyFans or Instagram were most likely to find success. I didn’t have any.

I also discovered that Sofia Gray is neither listed in …

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Някои съвети, които могат да ви помогнат да срещнете еротични и привлекателни момичета по дискретен начин, написани

Много пъти мъжете искат да се срещнат с еротични и привлекателни момичета, но не искат да информират други хора за това. Мъжете могат да имат желание да се срещат с еротични и привлекателни момичета по дискретен начин, защото те могат да са женени или да имат други причини да запазят своята тайна. Причините могат да бъдат всякакви, но не винаги е лесно да се срещате с еротични момичета по дискретен начин и ако ги срещнете, тогава нещата стават много трудни за вас, за да продължите по този начин. Но не е невъзможно да се срещате с привлекателни и еротични момичета по дискретен начин и споделям някои трикове, които могат да ви помогнат да го направите лесно ~ Kircheva Beautyкрасива азиатка - kircheva beautyИзползвайте интернет: За да се срещнете с привлекателни и еротични момичета по дискретен начин. Първо, трябва да ги намерите, без да информирате света и интернет може да ви помогне да го направите. Използвайки интернет, можете да намерите привлекателни и еротични момичета от всеки град или място и можете да общувате с привлекателни момичета, без да се срещате с тях. По-късно, когато се чувствате добре с комуникацията и ако искате да се срещнете с тях, тогава можете да ги срещнете. Това ще запази вашата самоличност дискретна и няма да се притеснявате да разкриете своята самоличност пред света.

Изберете друг град: За да срещнете еротични и привлекателни момичета по дискретен начин, също така е добра идея да ги срещнете в нов град, където хората не ви познават. Ако ще се срещате с тях в собствения си град, тогава хората може да ви идентифицират и да ви се подиграват. Освен това срещата ви може да не остане дискретна, защото те ще го знаят и целият свят може да знае за това. Така че, ако наистина искате да срещнете еротични и привлекателни момичета по дискретен начин, уверете се, че сте избрали друг град.

Вземете платени услуги: Друг начин да се срещнете еротично привлекателни момичета по дискретен начин е, че можете да вземете платени услуги. Хубавото на платените услуги е, че всъщност можете да срещнете наистина горещи и еротични момичета, без да ги познавате. Друго хубаво нещо за платената услуга е, че момичетата не споделят самоличността ви с никого и също не ги интересува. Те просто искат да имат парите си срещу услугите, които предлагат, и искат да ви дадат щастие. Затова ще бъде добра идея да опитате платена опция, за да си прекарате добре с тях.

Не споделяйте самоличност: Споделянето на вашата самоличност може да бъде лош ход за вас, ако наистина искате да се срещнете и да ги срещнете по дискретен начин. Винаги можете да излъжете своята самоличност и те няма да се интересуват от нея, стига да не им давате ангажимент или обещания въз основа на вашата самоличност. Това със сигурност ще …

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