The female erection, a mystery that is hardly talked about

Whenever we talk about an erection, the penis automatically comes to mind. They are two terms so related that it is like saying “churros” and not thinking about chocolate.

And it is that, for penetration to occur , the erection is essential, which is why it is such a standardized connection of terms. But what if I tell you that we also have that?

Although the genitalia couldn’t seem more different, they share the tissue that makes up the penis and the clitoris.

Something that the sexologist Melanie Quintana Molero explains : «the clitoris is the reproduction of the penis. When we develop in the maternal womb, it forms outside or inside. Composed of the same spongy tissue , when the blood vessels fill with blood, the clitoris increases in size due to arousal, which is key when it comes to feeling pleasure. It may interest you to read: ‘Clitorectomies’, the ‘devil’s mark’… From when the clitoris was the enemy
In our case, this growth is somewhat more discreet, since it happens internally.

The female erection, a mystery that is hardly talked aboutBut it can be seen in the glans area of ​​the clitoris, which not only increases in size – it can gain up to 2 cm – but also ‘rises’. The corpora cavernosa and vestibular bulbs , which are the internal branches of the pleasure organ that surround the vagina, also fill with blood. This causes, on the one hand, the size of the outer labia to appear larger (and harder to the touch) but also to increase the sensation of pleasure, since they oppress the vagina due to their larger size.

Another curiosity about clitoral erections is that, like those of the penis, they can be nocturnal and occur while we sleep, since blood flow increases in the REM phase of sleep. Therefore, it is common for us to have a clitoral erection in the morning, which, at the same time, is the perfect moment to start the day by activating it, either alone or accompanied .

Once relaxed, it returns to its normal size -both the part that is visible and the part that is not-, since, as the sexologist recalls, in case of arousal not only some parts increase, but “the entire clitoris swells.

You have to take 8M to bed to have a more feminist sexuality

A few hours ago, a girl sent me a message on Instagram asking me what to do after her partner reached orgasm. How could they continue if he didn’t have an erection. If that was all.

I saw clearly that the sexual education that we so badly need must be feminist . Because only from that equality of positions do we put our pleasure at the same level as theirs (even for ourselves).

loveIt is the way that the question “Is that all?” when he finishes, either become “He’s already had his orgasm, how do I want to reach mine now?”

This would change the expectation that falls on us, which continues to be that of maintaining, at all costs, a sexual life around penetration that continues to leave us two candles.

A feminism taken to the intimate side allows us to change the imposed image we have of how our physique should be.

To the point that only by getting rid of these ideas -which are based on stereotypes that we have not chosen- will we be able to stop being reified even by artificial intelligence.

Because it is difficult to live constantly criminalized by one’s own body, the object of censorship on social networks and of desire at the same time, when you receive unsolicited photos of someone who decided that you should see the inside of their underpants to ‘seduce’ you .

It is the same female body on which the entire contraceptive system revolves if we take into account that most methods (birth control pill, morning after pill, IUD, hormonal ring, patch…), that we are only fertile 5 days a month when they They are all year.

The 8M is the perfect occasion to remember that, as we are, it is fine. Perfect to feel pleasure regardless of the shape of our vulva, to which there are those who try to harmonize when its asymmetry is natural .

Putting enjoyment ahead is having a feminist intimate life , where we enjoy ourselves in freedom. One in which desire goes hand in hand with consent.

Because speaking in terms of consent distances us from the true essence of sex, which is not something that is accessed, but something that is desired. So transferring feminism to our privacy should also go that way, for what we want.

And, that if we say that we did not want it, do not question it . Even less to the point of having to give up compensation if you have been the victim of sexual assault, as was the case of the woman who denounced Dani Alves . Case, which reminds us how socially we are made to feel even more stigmatized at the moment in which the soccer player’s lawyers argued that the victim had no injuries, so (according to them) the lubrication would invalidate the violation.

Yes, this 2023, incredible as it may seem, we have to continue protesting the culture of rape that frees the aggressors from responsibility and makes those who suffered the attack liars. It is the same one that maintains that it is impossible for a successful man to resort to force to obtain sex. Even less if he is handsome or has a model partner, as is the case with the Brazilian. They are protests that seem new due to the current situation of all of them, but they are the same as always .

Although not for this reason we have to stop pointing it out and protesting it so that Justice is a reflection of the sheets, feminist instead of patriarchal. Only then will we have the guarantee of being able to experience our pleasure truly free.